Goin’ Deep Show 1613: The Sean Connery slap technique

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen discuss our new Goin’ Deep Show Store, Awesome kick ass apparel and other bullshit.  We play a clip of Sean Connery who loves to slap the shit out of people…. specifically lady people when they act up. We try to be fair and let the bitches slap right back if they so choose. Kleen thinks that Kevin Costner banged Cal Ripken’s wife because he read it on some bullshit social network. We ask ourself if we’d bang Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and we wrap with some controversial shit involving Jerry Falwell’s kids wife getting banged then tell you to go watch the people vs. Larry Flynt.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 I don’t want to know your name… bang bang bang 

2:00 Modes Tavern 

3:00 Infocommercial for the show

4:00 Getting the Devil Lego on a Shirt 

5:00 Clint Eastwood – fuck you suck my balls 

6:00 Slap em in the face with a cock 

7:00 Sean Connery – smack a bitch 

8:00 He didn’t even take a second to consider it 

9:00 Provacative situations with Sean Connery 

10:00 Does a guy deserve to be smacked in the face 

11:00 Kleen and the fact checkery 

12:00 We are not a news organization 

13:00 Cal Ripken and Kleen interrupting me 

14:00 Fake Cal Ripken article isn’t real 

15:00 Kleen Googled random articles 

16:00 Cal Ripken details 

17:00 Kid sings Whitney Houston 

18:00 Kleen banging a chick over an ottoman 

19:00 Twisty cones and chocolate vanilla 

20:00 Kleen using toys on Couch 

21:00 Turn her off or Turn her on with Kid’s voice 

22:00 Mount Rushmore of idols 

23:00 Full opened up Vajayjay – People vs Larry Flynt 

24:00 Scoping out students to see if they’d bang em 

25:00 Let your basic animal instincts take over 

26:00 What the hell – Tell em what not to do 

27:00 Mormon and their line up of wives 

28:00 Kleen settle down – No full retard mode 

29:00 Final Words – Nothing

Go Deep.

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