Goin’ Deep Show 1618: You can’t say that

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Mr. Kleen eat meat on this episode.  It’s the holidays so whip your meat out and start eating that shit.  Cheese not included. We have a teacher freaking out and holding students hostage, Endo’s newfound love for Christmas and Mr. Kleen becoming a grandpa are all on the plate in this one.  We discover a new fetish that was invented by a nerd and we dish out a Paralyzer’s Hottie of the week. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Snap into a Slim Jim

2:00 Wacko artists wanting Jerky signs 

3:00 Time for a little break in the action 

4:00 Kleen it if its dirty wipes 

5:00 Wanna hear something funny 

6:00 Threatening students   

7:00 The brown note – Shit your pants frequency 

8:00 Making people shit their pants 

9:00 Christmas crap – The Kid 

10:00 The Holidays – Family

11:00 Endo is into Xmas decor

12:00 Domes to play ball in 

13:00 Mr. Kleen’s masks 

14:00 Kleen is old – Bring a grandpa 

15:00 Kleen doesn’t want poo poo on pee pee 

16:00 Golden girls fucking hooker

17:00 Facts of life old school chicks 

18:00 Time for a new fetish 

19:00 The details of the leg painting fetish 

20:00 Reddit for the yellow leg painting 

21:00 Some nerdy motherfucker jerking off to big bird 

22:00 Fetleg Reddit – Gary Coleman  

23:00 You can’t say that Mr. Kleen 

24:00 You can’t say that – be body positive 

25:00 Look at me I’m eating meat on the mic

26:00 Kid and his hearing shit that pisses him off 

27:00 Paralyzer’s Hottie Of The Week: Marcela Braga 

28:00 Death by sex talk – Sex Toys 

29:00 Final Words –  Marcela Braga – Happy H-Days

Go Deep.

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