Goin’ Deep Show 1619: When did the aliens get here

IN STUDIO:  Mr. Kleen’s cum dumpster, squeaky beds, Tik Tok, Baby Shark and albinos, yep we fit all that shit into this episode along with way fucking more. Body positivity, Cardi B stealing culture and shit ass music that we hate. Kid realizes Endo just wants to lay there and take it and he’s there to provide the giving.  We wrap with an athletic Paralyzer’s Hottie of the Week and a women pissed because the hubby is watching too much porn and can’t lay down the hog to her. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Its super shitty – Email us at studio@goindeepshow.com

2:00 Kleen is super happy he oops a kid into existence – Ya Dirty fuck 

3:00 I don’t dislike Linkin Park – Everything is wrong today 

4:00 Can you play this CD? – Linkin Park – Frisbee that shit into the woods 

5:00 Kid’s bop ruining music 

6:00 Let me get the cave on – Baby Shark – Echo  

7:00 Game over – shows done – We’re quitting – bye 

8:00 Kleen and the back door – Fat porn craze 

9:00 Concerned about your boner – No pee hole on the bowl 

10:00 Only Fans forgettable name 

11:00 Step mom step sister porn scenarios 

12:00 Transparent purple meat in your mouth  

13:00 Body positivity movement  

14:00 Kleen what the fuck are you ding? – Stop fucking trying 

15:00 Albino lives matter 

16:00 Cardi B will steal your culture – Apologize to me

17:00 Tik Tok – What do you know? – Only fans 

18:00 WTF Kleen – video watching 

19:00 Making beef jerky yourself – Hunters bullshit 

20:00 Make my dick happy – suck on titties – Raging bone 

21:00 Endo pulls one of these “I’m not moving”  – Blow it in her

22:00 Elevating women’s move. – Dumping cum inside your bitches pussy  

23:00 Cooch’s bed sweats like crazy 

24:00 Nothing ruins me wanting to bang 

25:00 Does she give you dirty talk like that?  

26:00 She’s upset because hubby is spanking to too much porn 

27:00 Relying on substance vs porn to get off 

28:00 Watching crazy shit to get worked up.  

29:00 Final Words –  Clara Fernandez – spanish pole vaulter

Go Deep.

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