Goin’ Deep Show 1620: Who gives a F$%k about Christmas stuff

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen keep changing their name and pronoun in this episode and you motherfuckers better call us properly or you’re done for. We play some Christmas music, make fun of podcasters and we find Mr. Kleen’s rival who started his own show. We talk about drinking, dildo gift exchanges, pocket pussy upgrades and banging cousins. Merry Christmas ya fuckers.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Holy Shit its Christmas Crap – Christmas songs

2:00 Xmas song – Who gives a fuck about Christmas stuff 

3:00 It builds up to just one day. – No Shit 

4:00 Christmas its just one day – Its 3 months 

5:00 Elliot Page 

6:00 You must call me by the name I prefer – Pretentious Douche Nozzle  

7:00 Its time to pretend I have a dick and balls now?  

8:00 A crustache – Kleen likes the Crustache – The meat marinate 

9:00 Pull it out, lick it up, dip ‘n stick 

10:00 Kid hates xmas music so he plays ganster rap 

11:00 Mr. Kleen’s alter ego and rival

12:00 Kid, pissy and shit – Every asshole with a podcast

13:00 The Podcast numbers 

14:00 The time and energy for podcasting 

15:00 There’s only one goddamn kid – The Mr. Kleen Podcast 

16:00 The Mr. Kleen podcast – navigation in the back

17:00 Hello Listeners! – WTF – dumb shit 

18:00 Time to rock it motherfucker – Upgraded pocket pussy. 

19:00 Blew your load into the pocket pussy 

20:00 Drinking – Getting drunk, special xmas releases 

21:00 Built in whale tale in your pants 

22:00 The dildo gift exchange – YES!   

23:00 Comfort level to purchase a dildo 

24:00 $200 bucks to access everything 

25:00 Christmas stories 

26:00 Cousins boning in an upstairs bedroom 

27:00 Fourth sousing banging 

28:00 Witness anyone banging in person 

29:00 Final Words – Hangover 

Go Deep.

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