GDS THROWBACK: The GDub and sister Xmas Spectacular – 2008

We kick off today’s throwback show with a little tune from Drunkle DareWreck sending you and yours a festive message during your Christmas Holiday.  

THROWBACK: December, 2008 – Kid welcomes in a brother sister combination in the form of the Infamous GDub and his even more Infamous sister Lee Dub. Kid gets the ball rolling by sending Lee Dub to the JMac Fishbowl, asks how Wally was kicked out of GDub’s birthday party by Essexville cops and I believe we get some more details on GDub taking a fart blast to the eyeball. Lots of fun and laughs in this throwback episode of The Goin’ Deep Show Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


0:00 Bah Humbug to Youse & Yours for Xmas! – Drunkle DareWreck

2:00 Coming to you live on your chin. This is the Goin’ Deep Show 

3:00 Gdub crying about the weather being 7 degrees – Pussy! 

4:00 Wally vs Lee Dub – Not yet  Lets do the fish Bowl 

5:00 Fifteen year old Lee Dub getting box munched by 19 year old after Cedar Point 

6:00 I’ll say anything in front of my brother – Battle with Wally for Birthday  

7:00 You’re no longer a person – You’re just something I stick my dick in  

8:00 Fat unemployed loser comment – Calling the cops 

9:00 Our buddy Lyle was one of the cops 

10:00 Photo of Gdubs Ex in the paper 

11:00 Hey Regina – Remember this face

12:00 Something I did real quick before I moved to Florida 

13:00 Homeless back then? He’s homeless homeless 

14:00 One black one white

15:00 I’m sorry sir, I’d really like to get with you tonight but I don’t have a vagina 

16:00 Cool for a big chick 

17:00 Just repeat what I say – cock slurp, tittle whip 

18:00 Does she have a laser pointer for your cock 

19:00 Bonaroo music festival – C3PO 

20:00 Lee Dub has no willpower – Pistons game 

21:00 Salmon steaks for sale 

22:00 What its like to have a trip to hell  

23:00 Hit by a firework – Stigmata 

24:00 The mud at Bonaroo – Tripping with Lee Dub 

25:00 Pupils the size of silver dollars – banging at a Grateful Dead Show  

26:00 Did you know the guy you were banging?  

27:00 I just touched a genius

28:00 Fire Ants in your asshole 

29:00 100,000 people and he sat in the car wasted

30:00 You ever get a blowjob on Christmas – High on Christmas

31:00 Wrap up: Thanking grandma for drinks. – Buzzed

Go Deep.

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