Goin’ Deep Show 1627: Sex positions to burn calories

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1627

Kid and Kleen bring the noise in this one where the Kid gives the recap of last nights sex session with a new tongue vibrator. We call Endo to ask her some of the finer details of the putting vibrating things in or around body parts. Kid tells the newbies about how to 69 correctly. Kid makes a bold statement to all the Tranny’s of the world to try to get their dumbasses into the studio to record a show with us.. and hopefully not get the shit kicked out of him by a Shim. We wrap with an obscure sexual term, play a game of guess the sexual calorie count and throw a shout out to The Paralyzer and his mom. Go Deep. 


1:00 Kid forgets to do the video crap

2:00 The body parts – No blood parts 

3:00 Sticks the vibrator on my taint 

4:00 She’s down in the taint – balls 

5:00 Do you think we can 69 with that

6:00 Don’t do the double arm under  

7:00 I love when i can hear her

8:00 I can’t be eating pussy that long 

9:00 Trying to call Endo 

10:00 We’re so live right now 

11:00 The sideways eat your pussy 

12:00 The double ender 

13:00 Why bring this up on the show 

14:00 Listeners when you do hear this – Email in 

15:00 Lets talk about date – and the butthole 

16:00 Look for a tranny to beat the shit out of me

17:00 Trying to find a Tranny 

18:00 Should we still try to do this?  

19:00 The Dirty Chewbacca – Obscure Sex Term 

20:00 Did you want me to edge you last night 

21:00 The hormone monster from Big Mouth 

22:00 The Sex Calorie game  

23:00 Most calories burned by a guy 

24:00 Our advanced age – The hold up sex 

25:00 Handsfree and going on Titties 

26:00 Positions list – Calorie count 

27:00 The spot hit 

28:00 Paralyzer – where is he now?  

29:00 Final Words – studio@goindeepshow.com 

Go Deep.

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