Goin’ Deep Show 1628: Finding the tubo at the show

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1628

Kid and Kleen give you all the best advice and in this one we tell you how to have an enjoyable concert experience.  Mr. Kleen asks if hand jobs are involved believe it or not they are not included in your concert experience. We do some deep diving into things that Howard Stern has done over the years that should have gotten him kicked out of life but instead made him the most epic radio personality in history, We do some technical shit like telling you to go the new Goin’ Deep Show store on the net at www.goindeepshow.com/shop and wrap it all up with a Paralyzer’s Hottie of the week. Go Deep. 


1:00 Ridiculous shit right toff the bat – Kill 30 min.

2:00 Tip your cap to Howard Stern 

3:00 Time to apologize 

4:00 Kleen doesn’t know Fart Man – WTF 

5:00 Moments that should have ended Howards Career 

6:00 Black Face  

7:00 What is Robins last name game 

8:00 Baby Spice episode 

9:00 If he has the balls to ask – you answer 

10:00 This is a man writing this article 

11:00 Gastric bypass action – Carney Wilson

12:00 Is your woman sensitive about weight 

13:00 Fat Shaming – That can be your world 

14:00 Dolly Parton Audio book 

15:00 That’s not good 

16:00 It’s a win win for me

17:00 Fat women are tough 

18:00 Let yourself go – date a heifer 

19:00 Be lazy and date a fatter bitch 

20:00 Let yourself go more – Who wrote this 

21:00 Make a decision just make it 

22:00 Podcast webinar tricks  

23:00 Having a couch at a Soundgarden concert 

24:00 Find that fatty at a concert 

25:00 Handy at the Soundgarden couch show  

26:00 Fatty’s eager to please, Fatty not doing mile high 

27:00 Parayzer’s Hottie of the Week:  Hailey_Grice 

28:00 Anal Whore

29:00 Final Words – Big fake knockers 

Go Deep.

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