Goin’ Deep Show 1629: Dirty knees, look at these

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1629

Kid and Kleen doing more dumb shit.  We give you all a story about some offensive Chinese movie lines, picking on people, everyone being super sensitive and how Netflix could break every record they’ve ever kept track of. Kid thinks Kleen has a white man agenda, Kid is pissed at American Express and Sirius Satallite Radio and tells the tale of being racially profiled in northern Wisconsin. We wrap it up with the news of a Youtube Stars girlfriend being frozen to death and the death of one of Mr. Kleen’s skanky cock gobbling whores. Go Deep. 


1:00 We’re locked in here people – L.B props 

2:00 We’re doing dumb shit  

3:00 Asians being angry 

4:00 Kleen identifies as an Asian this month 

5:00 Explain to me what you mean – picking on people 

6:00 Everyones sensitivities  

7:00 Asian actor reading a line –  

8:00 Is this a racial slur 

9:00 The quote he says – The devastation 

10:00 Did your butt pucker

11:00 When did this crap start

12:00 Find a way to track down some netizens 

13:00 The future is a brown slurry of humanity 

14:00 Kleen its just a thing 

15:00 Kleen is stating the obvious – Its common 

16:00 Whites only religion 

17:00 If you wanna do that just go do it 

18:00 Everyone has a fucking podcast – American Express 

19:00 Kid getting racially profiled in Wisconsin 

20:00 The intergalactic federation 

21:00 Drink it up for cliche 

22:00 Russian Youtube Star freezing girlfriend  

23:00 The game is obviously more important 

24:00 Thats a frigid bitch dude 

25:00 Thaw out your girl before you bang em 

26:00 Mr. Kleen’s Skanky cock gobbling whore 

27:00 What is up with these lips 

28:00 Teaching you how to stroke

29:00 Final Words – Reach out to us – studio@goindeepshow.com 

Go Deep.

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