Goin’ Deep Show 1630: The purist of podcasts

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1630

Kid is pissed and gives us the rundown of lame podcast topics, how much advertising is killing podcasting and talks about Shia pissing off chicks. We ask ourself if breakdancing in the Olympics is something worth while and ask everyone opinions on the new Cleveland steamers baseball team. Go Deep. 


1:00 Reach us at 989-331-0543

2:00 Doing this out of the kindness of our heart 

3:00 The lame podcast contact list 

4:00 Way more entertaining than period talk 

5:00 Things we won’t talk about – Parenting 

6:00 Kleen’s theory on boob feeding  

7:00 Podcasting here, Podcasting there.  

8:00 The Oprah of STDs 

9:00 FKA Twigs – Futuristic look 

10:00 Seperation of man and women shit 

11:00 I’ll feel better for a few hours

12:00 I got rid of my bush 

13:00 Ads in podcasting 

14:00 Getting yelled at 

15:00 Pissed because of everybody problems 

16:00 Kleen went to the tranny’s – dick or ball

17:00 Baseball going away from the olympics 

18:00 Breakdancing in the olympics 

19:00 1,600 plus episodes 

20:00 Bye Bye Cleveland Indians 

21:00 Kleen donned his microphone  

22:00 Indians love names  

23:00 Size inclusive 

24:00 Never ever, ever, ever, Never 

25:00 Tweet went viral 

26:00 Kleen’s calendar – Facebook 

27:00 T&A on Twitter 

28:00 Adult video ripped 

29:00 Final Words –  email us at studio@goindeepshow.com

Go Deep.

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