Goin’ Deep Show 1633: Cyberporking is running rampant

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1633

Time for the Red Eye Sex Robot hack. The first of our new segments for 2021 where we tap into the multitude of Red Eye and his six thousand dollar sex robots. We play some Covid Rock songs with some preacher yelling like a fool, hear from a little black kid who is not down for some chinese food and the Kid expresses his distaste for Facebook and their brain warping ways. Go Deep. 


1:00 Contact us at studio@goindeepshow.com – 989-331-0543

2:00 Russians 

3:00 Kleen finds clips 

4:00 Little black kid talking about Chinese food 

5:00 What you want to eat? Dog? 

6:00 Jim Breuer – Stories of cyberporking  

7:00 Masturbation until you’re raw 

8:00 Lame ass Red Eye Podcast 

9:00 The Red Eye Sex Robot 

10:00 How pitiful you pathetic fuck 

11:00 Red Eye’s male sex robot

12:00 Making fun of God time 

13:00 Covid 19 Rock Song 

14:00 Covid 19 Rock Song continues 

15:00 Kid on the Devil voice – Old TV

16:00 Facebook says its brain reading time

17:00 We are stupid and say stupid shit 

18:00 Fisting to the shoulder 

19:00 Facebook dipshits 

20:00 Demos from facebook so you don’t have to read 

21:00 Mental health predictions 

22:00 Some people are paranoid  

23:00 We can’t have people offended these days 

24:00 Cornrows and braided hair 

25:00 Lizzo trying to mend relationship with food 

26:00 Shower squat 

27:00 Kleen doesn’t want a sex robot 

28:00 Plans to look for whales 

29:00 Final Words – go buy a sex robot to cam with Red Eye 

Go Deep.

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