Goin’ Deep Show 1634: Wally loses his weed

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1634

Its goddamn humpday so why not get your ass fucking humped with more Goin’ Deep Show than you can handle.  This show is fucking packed with some classic stories, some catchup time with some show mainstays and deep dive into some of the best in pissing women off.  We kick things off with Wally chatting with the Kid about booze, cryptocurrency, dumbass kids spending way too much money. We are soon graced with the presence of the one and only Juice where Wally tells us new and interesting ways to lose your weed. A main highlight of this episode is reliving the story of how we pissed off a chick who was in the studio then told her to listen in and we rip her so badly she wants to murder us. Kid relives the Pizza Roll night with some fatsos at Juices house, We go over some epic Eskimo brother stories. Gdub jumps in mid way and we wrap it all up with JMac and Spydermonkey throwing out porn and figuring out how much its worth along with A really large mole. So much to dive into the detailed notes below. Dive in to this hour and twenty minute long Goin’ Deep Show. Go Deep. 


1:00 Google is fucked up and not working 

2:00 In five minutes you’re gonna fall and break your neck 

3:00 Last podcast on the left – Reading books 

4:00 Get drunk and go – My favorite 

5:00 How much do you want for your domain name 

6:00 Sixteen thousand spent in app fees  

7:00 Wally and spyware on the phone 

8:00 How Wally learned Crypto 

9:00 Buying cheaper 

10:00 Juice enters the studio – Computer melt 

11:00 Two youngsters we had in here

12:00 Wally loses his weed Juice and the Eatable 

13:00 Juice is not making it too the fight – Too high 

14:00 Endo tosses the eatables – time for anal

15:00 Kid felt good at Endo’s Birthday  

16:00 Weather for Ice fishing 

17:00 Shitting your pants 

18:00 Girls bring the Pizza Rolls – Kids an idiot 

19:00 The sensitive world we live in now 

20:00 L Boogie 

21:00 Making sure the desk is 6 feet away 

22:00 Wally and JMac mess with same girl  

23:00 Talking about the girl 

24:00 She’s staring at us…HARD  

25:00 Eskimo brothers 

26:00 Alicia – smoking hot 

27:00 She listened to the show we rip her on  

28:00 Wally kissed her ass and finger banged her 

29:00 The power of the podcast

30:00 Wally’s dick is bigger

31:00 Overt homophobia

32:00 Busting down the line – friends

33:00 Being in the studio for 14 hours a day

34:00 The sound was coming through

35:00 Howard Stern – Ronnie fucked by Sal and Richard

36:00 Clone a willy accurate dildos 

37:00 Endo you gotta hear what Howard did today 

38:00 Kid’s tolerance is fucked

39:00 Headlines – homophobia bulgarian

40:00 Gay anti whatever shit

41:00 Stopping us from getting a job

42:00 Wally and the Russian chick

43:00 Wally and the Indian half brown baby girl

44:00 She was movie quality

45:00 The night of Juices life and nothing happened

46:00 Humor goes a long way

47:00 Getting drunk in a corner – Wally rude

48:00 Wally’s kids new nickname is Chache

49:00 GDub jogging with bitch who forgets his name

50:00 Juice and the threesome

51:00 Two girls in Juices bed

52:00 I mean there is some gentleman left

53:00 He’s been trying to fuck me all night

54:00 GDub lost at a Dave Mathews concert

55:00 Dude trying to sweet talk the roommate 

56:00 Fucking on her 21st birthday

57:00 The poopy purse

58:00 Everybody gets hammered and gambles

59:00 Kid, Juice, JMac at Munger potato fest

1:00:00 Calling JMac

1:01:00 Trying to play a goof on JMac

1:02:00 The Holy Moly story

1:03:00 Dude that took up more than half her cheek

1:04:00 JMac’s take on the angry girl

1:05:00 We walk into the bar

1:06:00 We thought they’d just listen from that point on

1:07:00 The girl called JMac

1:08:00 She hung out with the Karaoke girl

1:09:00 Wally road head to Saginaw takes an hour

1:10:00 Juice wants to find this bitch

1:11:00 Shot and Shell big titted uptight bitch

1:12:00 Lets take a picture together

1:13:00 Kid remembers who gets pissed at him

1:14:00 Shot and Shell porn on the phone

1:15:00 The Redhead waitress who almost murdered

1:16:00 The Porn collection value

1:17:00 The in studio box of porn

1:18:00 Did my thing man

1:19:00 Spydermonkey – Why’d you call me?

1:20:00 The Wally Podcast 

1:21:00  Wally’s voicemail of piss

Go Deep.

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