Goin’ Deep Show 1635: Paper baggin’ it with a whale

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1635

Kid, Kleen and Endo get in studio to discuss Male vs Female crap, Crowbarring sexual orientation into everyday culture and someone in the studio wants to bang Adam Sandler. We throw down a not so obscure sexual term, tell everyone not to be scared of Goin’ Deep and also to appreciate the Whale Hunters of the world. Mr. Kleen gives us the details of the Ugly vs Hot game and we wrap with us yapping about the differences in our hottie preferences. Go Deep. 


1:00 Always with the fingers in the 2 hole

2:00 Interacting face to face with Spoo 

3:00 The Kid admits stupid shit 

4:00 Why I aim at the Chinese 

5:00 The list of who to make fun of 

6:00 Obnoxious on the show – Never saying no  

7:00 Charlize Theron 

8:00 Crowbar someones sexuality into a movie 

9:00 Daughter just happens to be a less 

10:00 Some bullshit for the news headlines 

11:00 All woman vs All Man stuff

12:00 Adam Sandler – playing the card 

13:00 Donkey shit 

14:00 He’s no Brad Pitt

15:00 Funny being attractive – Urban dictionary

16:00 Paper Bag over head and banging

17:00 L.B.’s mom  

18:00 This place is scary  

19:00 Mr. Kleen’s junk 

20:00 Your face says it all – That aint happening 

21:00 Turning the word no into yes 

22:00 Time for fat shaming  

23:00 Whales vs To Catch a Predator 

24:00 Going out and finding other people 

25:00 Kleen working at the MC Sports  

26:00 The short bus pulling up 

27:00 The Whale hunter Tik Tok account 

28:00 Different style of hotties 

29:00 Final Words – NO – That’s Deep! 

Go Deep.


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