Goin’ Deep Show 1636: Mr. Kleen Birthday Sushi

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1636

Serious meat curtains for the flossing with the vag lips in this one. Kid asks what the hell is a Tik Tok Star an Instagram Model and if we can eat Sushi off of a naked chick in studio. We talk about dog teeth, Old man vs Young men, The Jackass crew thinking another movie is a good idea and we start the apology tour when we feature a college football player having to say sorry for eating some delicious treats off a naked bitch. We wrap it up with some info about a new/old sex position and more disappointment than we can shake a stick at.  Go Deep. 


1:00 Kleen birthday no panties 

2:00 Rosie the Dog teeth Tik Tok Song 

3:00 Endo took it too the next level 

4:00 Slicing off the pussy lip meat after 

5:00 Talking people into buying in – Barstool 

6:00 Are there Facebook Celebrities  

7:00 Old man vs Young Social media star 

8:00 Call her Daddy Podcast 

9:00 Any news is good news – Movie chatter 

10:00 Jackass 4 in production 

11:00 Band equipment industry

12:00 Guess the age of Johnny Knoxville 

13:00 Check me out. Sushi off the body 

14:00 Kid pulls the apology script 

15:00 He was having fun. It must be wrong 

16:00 College or girlfriend saw and pissed

17:00 Apologizing for what he enjoyed 

18:00 Hired to cater to rich people 

19:00 When we’re in public we represent the team 

20:00 Dennis Rodman – Vegas 

21:00 You ever pooped a potato – Sushi eating off model

22:00 Nude chicks involved in life  

23:00 Yes equals Yes 

24:00 I’ll be 70 years old 

25:00 The sex position talk 

26:00 The dip and sniff vs the dip and die – What we learned

27:00 Disappointment in more hardness 

28:00 Kleen grunting – Duh Duh Duh Duh 

29:00 Final Words –  Happy Birthday – Stripper Pole

Go Deep.

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