Goin’ Deep Show 1637: The douche association

Goin' Deep Show 1637

Kid and GDub jump on the mics to yap about topics such as Russian Oil spills, Three Pointers, Tittie art, White Supremacy and how to get out of a dysfunctional relationship. Kid has some goals for the 18th season of the show. We wrap up talking about wrestling, new segments and rogue Howard Stern fans putting up some epic content on Youtube. Go Deep. 


1:00 The Kid Sounds awful 

2:00 Russians trying to cover an oil spill 

3:00 Hold my Cosmo 

4:00 Steph Curry – Three point record breaker 

5:00 What am I doing watching the same thing 

6:00 What is and what isn’t X rated  

7:00 I think its because I’m a pig 

8:00 Working with some Tranny peeps 

9:00 Artsy but a lot of tit 

10:00 Talking about becoming a Furry Naked person 

11:00 Do I want to be the douche guy? 

12:00 The Douche association 

13:00 Everyone jumps to conclusions on bombs 

14:00 I can’t wrap my head around the effort 

15:00 White Supremacy are the biggest culprit 

16:00 Golfing and Skiing – and Checks 

17:00 2020 was a shit year 

18:00 I released a special episode with your sis 

19:00 Wally battling LeeDub 

20:00 LeeDub details  

21:00 Goals for 2021 – Gameshows 

22:00 Loads vs Soap  

23:00 Control over shooting load 

24:00 Wrestlers from olden days 

25:00 Why did the shows all start late 

26:00 The most horrid thing I’ve ever read 

27:00 How to get out of a relationship 

28:00 Rogue Stern fans 

29:00 Final Words –  

Go Deep.


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