Goin’ Deep Show 1638: Always know how to please yourself

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1638

Kid gets an IUD in his pee hole, We ask ourself what a Teddy is, discuss lazy fucking, aiming your cooch at a laptop camera and growing hair on the tip of your dick. We relive the first porn we saw as kids and wrap up with super anti gay politicians. Go Deep. 


1:00 Mr. Crowley and the broken seal

2:00 We haven’t broke screens? – Witness 

3:00 I’m gonna put on my teddy 

4:00 Searching for teddy’s then jerk 

5:00 I can’t remember last time I had a bad jerk session 

6:00 I’m gonna listen to request  

7:00 I may have some free time to jerk it 

8:00 Try to catch me Jerkin it 

9:00 Lazy as fuck – having more spots to work 

10:00 Wasn’t a teddy – Nightgown 

11:00 The camera is open and right at her pussy

12:00 Sarlac Pit / Pit of Carcoon 

13:00 She mooned you with the sarlac pit 

14:00 Growing hair on the tip of your dick 

15:00 Slower and not Jack Hammering 

16:00 Don’t let someone touch your woman’s pussy 

17:00 I saw the process of insertion 

18:00 Seeing stuff I haven’t seen before 

19:00 My imagination is all I need 

20:00 Hottest bitch in the school 

21:00 The first naked image I saw 

22:00 Describing porn  

23:00 The whole world opens up 

24:00 Don’t deprive your kids  

25:00 Talking about her 

26:00 Older kid 

27:00 The Perv word 

28:00 Super Anti Gay 

29:00 Final Words –  

Go Deep.

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