Goin’ Deep Show 1640: YouTube is pissed at us

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1640

Kid and Kleen are in deep shit with Youtube. We have been warned and its because we apparently are fooling people.  In this one we manage to thank L.B. for a present, highlight a few upcoming new shows, play some little white boys swearing and some little black boys swearing and Kid is pissed at the equipment for being all fucked up. We wrap with a Hottie of the week and figuring out how and where we’ll be live streaming in the future. Go Deep. 


1:00 Five Five Five 

2:00 Thanks to L.B. – BCT Motor Rout Sign 

3:00 1600 or 1400 – Columbus sign up the ass 

4:00 New Music Show starting at GDS Studio 

5:00 Pornhub videos taken out 

6:00 Collecting a huge library of porn  

7:00 Is facebook more popular than pornhub 

8:00 Hiding in the shadows ya perv 

9:00 Dr. Nurse F Show 

10:00 Awesome obnoxious little white boy 

11:00 Regular live stream – Listening to old shows

12:00 Hot Chee-To Shit 

13:00 Oh No – Brother and kid yelling at each other 

14:00 Piece of shit car – Ass beating 

15:00 We got warned on YouTube 

16:00 Nerdy mc codey bot

17:00 Control over the name scheme 

18:00 The clip doesn’t even show video 

19:00 We’re in trouble – we pissed off YouTube 

20:00 I know its their shit. I get it 

21:00 Record video locally – Control our own stuff 

22:00 Why do I do this? LA Ink – Ink Wars  

23:00 Studio temperature. – Equipment too cool 

24:00 How was I into this L.A. Ink Show back in the day 

25:00 Kleen is fucking tanked 

26:00 Admitting that you were a little bitch 

27:00 We’re all humans. We hate it 

28:00 Paralyzer’s Hottie of the Week: Natalee.007 

29:00 Final Words – Tech problems

Go Deep.

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