Goin’ Deep Show 1641: Cranking myself up

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1641

Some douchenozzle decided to bang a covid patient, lopping your own dick off and Michigan kids shooting themselves.  Kid is pissed at the microphone, ask himself if he’s ever been horned up to an extreme and asks about terrorist that are white. We wrap with some dead celebrities, an awesome song and YouTube and their army of computers censoring everything. Go Deep. 


1:00 There’s a formula for this shit? 

2:00 The Kid’s equipment is fucked up 

3:00 Time for sex with your Covid patient 

4:00 Kid with covid will be coughing in everyones face 

5:00 Details on the covid sex 

6:00 Have you ever been that horned up  

7:00 She squirted all over the floor and I almost slipped 

8:00 Michigan Teen shoots himself 

9:00 Why do you say snowflakes Kleen?  

10:00 Tragic story but lets make light 

11:00 Como vs Cuomo – pee pee cut off

12:00 How much will this guy now get done 

13:00 you might as well be a chick 

14:00 Why is it so damn important to be at a bar 

15:00 Retards bombing things – Terrorists 

16:00 The voice processor is fucked

17:00 Is he a terrorist 

18:00 If you’re brown you’re a terrorist 

19:00 Its Hero time 

20:00 I don’t know what I want 

21:00 Holy Shit – more dead people 

22:00 Ginger is still alive – gonna jerk to her  

23:00 Quick Clip time – Whiskey – Tool Song 

24:00 Tool – preacher song 

25:00 Tool – preacher song continued 

26:00 Awesome job – Covid 19 song 

27:00 There’s no army of humans hating 

28:00 It fucking sucked – Kleen’s jerk routine 

29:00 Final Words –  

Go Deep. 

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