Goin’ Deep Show 1649: Kleen vs Kid III

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1649

It’s a fight night at the old Goin’ Deep Show and this one features two episodes with Mr. Kleen and the Kid nearly punching each other out.  The Kid pushes too hard and wakes the sleeping bear on both of these episodes.  In the first half you’ll hear a walk down memory lane as JMac and Tiny Dancer are in-studio with Kleen and Kid and the conversation veers into ex-wives, not talking, and a whole lot of technology being thrown about.  The second half is the Kid just assholing it up at his worst and sending Kleen fleeing from the room dropping N-bombs.  It’s an instant classic. Listen in and Go Deep.


1:00 What do you remember about the fight

2:00 Kid can be an asshole… is an asshole

3:00 Kleen didn’t break and tried to stop smoking

4:00 Six to eight shots of moonshine

5:00 Apple Pie tastes so sweet

6:00 The Start of Fight Number 1.   

7:00 A’s vs Tigers   

8:00 West Virginia Moonshine & Red Stripe

9:00 I just hate everyone right now

10:00 When you get married all hell breaks loose

11:00 You bring this shit up then don’t say anything?

12:00 Baltimore vs Yankees 1-1

13:00 I’m gonna be a lame fucking moron

14:00 Why is there so much anger

15:00 Is your X the one with the older daughter

16:00 Kleen being Politically correct

17:00 Dude do you want your head smashed

18:00 The Start of Fight Number 2.

19:00 Just say it dude

20:00 Mercy Killing

21:00 What the fuck is wrong with you Kleen?

22:00 Kleen has a story

23:00 It wasn’t yesterday

24:00 How big were these titties

25:00 The Porn Wallet

26:00 Kleen’s threeway relationship

27:00 Walk around naked and shit

28:00 Fuck You peace out Nigga

29:00 Final Words –  Piano outré

Go Deep.

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