Goin’ Deep Show 1650: Social media blabber mouths

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1650

Kid and Kleen throw shouts to our listeners from other countries, hijack a hashtag, get bored as fuck and love every second of it and make fun of some droopy titted bitchy business owner who does’t want you asking about her BOO-Bays. We ask you the listener if tits are somehow now anti gravitational, and if you can ask dirty questions in a sex shop. Kid encourages women to do what guys do. That means hunt guys down, fuck em even if the guy is married to his religion. Kid gives everyone the secret of how the world is being overrun by fucking morons and we wrap up with shit talk and anal fisting.  It’s a doozy.  Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Thank you from these countries

2:00 Stop growing content – countries 

3:00 Hijacking the Hashtag #baycitypodcast 

4:00 Goin’ Deep Show – Heart to Heart 

5:00 Boredom at its finest 

6:00 Compromise – Fuck that   

7:00 Being told you can do what a man can do 

8:00 Promises are bullshit 

9:00 Beating em down 

10:00 Annoying Twat at the sex store  

11:00 Are you braless in all  your videos

12:00 Its Annoying  to be asked questions 

13:00 Bitch could have broken the ice better 

14:00 You can’t say that to me 

15:00 Jerkin’ but keeping it below the desk 

16:00 WRONG! – Gravity exists you dumb fuck

17:00 Disgusting nipples looking two different directions 

18:00 Is it appropriate to broadcast your problems 

19:00 Selling items with sex shit on it 

20:00 Awkward dude jerking to your youtube videos 

21:00 I agree with her for the most part.  Just don’t broadcast it 

22:00 Morons reproducing makes the word retarded  

23:00 Woman power predator 

24:00 Guy married to Jesus 

25:00 Go for it slutty whores – Sucky Fucky 

26:00 She hunted that dude and fucked him 7 days 

27:00 Shitting into the mouth 

28:00 WTF – Anal fisting 

29:00 Final Words – contact us at studio@goindeepshow 

Go Deep.

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