Goin’ Deep Show 1651: Things that piss off women

Goin' Deep Show

Kid and Kleen discuss tapping a bitches head off testicles during a threesome,  Alternatives to Facebook/Twitter, and creating our own Social Network aka a cult for the fallen. We ask why Donald Trump didn’t take some of his money and do the same. We play some clips of why women are fucking upset with their guys and believe it or not threesomes aren’t on the list.  We wrap up daydreaming about old lady celebs and we finish with Mr. Kleen’s new logo gear. Go Deep.


1:00 GoinDeepShow.comGoingDeepShow.com – VIP

2:00 Photoshooting coming in the VIP area

3:00 GoinDeepShow.com – Alternative Twitter/Facebook

4:00 Why didn’t Donald create his own thing to be in control

5:00 Live Stream 24/7

6:00 Make your fucking mind up ladies

7:00 Sarcastic reasons women are pissy bitches

8:00 Getting pissed for stupid shit

9:00 Everyone has a different stride

10:00 That makes no sense – strides are different

11:00 When is the last time Kleen had a threesome

12:00 They asked me

13:00 TV and a BJ

14:00 Is this the action call?

15:00 Porn start style pant rub

16:00 I’m the camera man

17:00 I really wanted to face it

18:00 Memories that you should have

19:00 You can’t have shit babies

20:00 Kid eating and hearing people eating

21:00 More reasons bitches get pissed

22:00 Birthday gear at www.goindeepshow.com/shop

23:00 Head over to the www.goindeepshow.com/shop 

24:00 Kleen’s threesome Pic a bitch or a dude

25:00 Kid’s threesome

26:00 Samantha Fox

27:00 Puma Swede bowling blowy

28:00 Samantha Fox song

29:00 Final Words – Go hate us

Go Deep.

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