Goin’ Deep Show 1656: Your pussy is not a reward

Big Titted Stepmoms, Kid gives us the rundown on all the obligation holidays including Valentine’s day. Kleen almost asked Cooch to marry him and we play a clip of a brotha who is looking out for himself and every man out there for vDay. We talk about Romance Porn, a bitch burning down a dude’s house and some jackasses coming up with a new sexual preference. Go Deep.


1:00 It’s not for everybody

2:00 Keeping it separated

3:00 KFC of milfs

4:00 You’re still in love

5:00 She’s listening right now

6:00 You’ve almost made it over 300 days   

7:00 Improve their lives

8:00 Feed em Fuck em Free time

9:00 Do this and you’ll get pussy

10:00 Cooch always says Kleen

11:00 Man’s Day – motherfucker

12:00 Obligation Holidays

13:00 Don’t remind me – get pussy

14:00 Romance Porn?

15:00 The Backhand

16:00 Valentines day Chocolate Cock

17:00 My Big Titted Step mom

18:00 Everything is convincing you you can feel it

19:00 Black book is the bang book

20:00 This bitch is fucking crazy

21:00 Fucking with the bitch

22:00 Bitch burning house for $5

23:00 What drug are they on

24:00 A new sexual preference

25:00 No sexual desires

26:00 That’s how it works

27:00 Black History Hottie

28:00 Time apart

29:00 Final Words –  FuckyMouse

Go Deep.

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