Goin’ Deep Show 1657: The Footlong clit

Kid and Kleen go from dog names to feminist in this one.  We tip our cap to Kleen and his efforts to keep ridiculous content to our new VIP area. Kleen drools over Liz Hurley, Kid talks about Stern and how money has changed things and we really kick out a few clips for Black History Month. A Tranny fooling a brotha, A sexy cooking show, deadly sex and one of our favorite clips of all time. Ladies proving a guys point in a split second. Go Deep. 


1:00 Baseball Hit King – Dog Names

2:00 We don’t know what could happen 

3:00 You can’t just have normal shit 

4:00 They don’t realize they believe the same 

5:00 Posting full movies 

6:00 Tip the cap to Kleen – freedom  

7:00 Beta testing the shit out of it 

8:00 Live behind the wall 

9:00 Elizabeth Hurley 

10:00 Podfading 

11:00 Zaldor is exciting 

12:00 Gary the Retard 

13:00 Money changes everything 

14:00 The shit that made you what you are 

15:00 Asston of money but catering still 

16:00 Bubba the Love Sponge – BHM 

17:00 Skinniest dick in the world  

18:00 Comparing muscles with a “girl” 

19:00 Favorite things about black guys 

20:00 Looked like a chick the whole time 

21:00 Chick with Dick 

22:00 Don Tangs theory on chick with dick  

23:00 Cooking dick in the butt 

24:00 Clips of religious teacher talking sex  

25:00 Lets celebrate and nail some more 

26:00 Here’s the chick i banged the most 

27:00 Kleen was prepared to die 

28:00 Compromise to we’re blue in the face 

29:00 Final Words –  The Feminist Clip

Go Deep.

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