Goin’ Deep Show 1658: You can’t stop your OnlyFans

Kid and Kleen suggest everyone mix up the lubes in their jerk system, Play our favorite clip after getting called out, make Kleen a life coach and grope girls in a church. We talk about which D list celebs we’d love to see punch Kim Kardashian and we play a beautiful song about what one man is about to give his old lady. We wrap with spinners and Puma Swede noises. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Dad mode – EZE Automobile

2:00 Why are we raising retards 

3:00 Feminist clip that we played

4:00 Feminist clip – Freakout ladies 

5:00 I’m exploding and doing that exactly 

6:00 Money – Fuck you money  

7:00 Life coaches 

8:00 14K a week for naked shit  

9:00 You can make your butt look better 

10:00 Huge tit fashion statement 

11:00 Hard to be naked and creative

12:00 Porn stars payed well  

13:00 Marey Carey trainwreck  

14:00 Awful Ads that suck

15:00 Groping your woman in a church 

16:00 Penis between you hips

17:00 Media sets its sight on podcasts 

18:00 We can’t make fun of anything – No nuts  

19:00 Weirdest transition in radio history 

20:00 Celeb fights would be awesome 

21:00 Man vs Woman – Kim Kardashian vs Butterbean 

22:00 Taking one in the face  

23:00 Snotty of the Week – Rene Gracie 

24:00 Why do you always gotta talk bout this this this 

25:00 Xhamster.com 

26:00 You can’t do all that fast forwarding – Long Jerk session 

27:00 More dick in her mouth than Puma Swede 

28:00 Spinners – piche em up blow style 

29:00 Final Words – Tray full of lubes 

Go Deep.

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