Goin’ Deep Show 1659: The Jesus Porno love story

Kid and Kleen talk life coaching, how to unfuck yourself, midlife indecisions, women and their voice, and play a clip of a former preacher now stripper life coacher. Kid talk about money pushes everyone to the store and we’re toying with a format change. Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00 Theater of the Mind

2:00 Mr. Kleen – Titties

3:00 Fuck them they’re going to hell

4:00 100k a month – I discovered boners

5:00 Taking it in the ass is okay right

6:00 Life coach lessons

7:00 Its time to redo myself

8:00 Favorite bible verse

9:00 Women and their voice

10:00 Midlife – indecisions

11:00 Clip of Pansexual

12:00 I don’t give a fuck

13:00 Rebuilding her life anew

14:00 Bookshelf full of self help shit

15:00 Money is the key

16:00 Nothing but a thong

17:00 How to untuck yourself

18:00 Taking advantage of people

19:00 Stripper life coach vs Church

20:00 Buy something goddamn it

21:00 I’m not against anyone else wanting things

22:00 Membership tests

23:00 Minute by Minute show notes

24:00 Filtering VIP stuff

25:00 Who gives a fuck Apple

26:00 1,100 episodes – The new format

27:00 Changing the length

28:00 The Details of the change

29:00 Final Words – Stay home get drunk

Go Deep.

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