Goin’ Deep Show 1669: Red Eye, The Cock Blocker

Kid, El Pres, and Thundercat go over the blue balls treatment that El Pres is going through, get deep on why it’s okay for big fat babies to be scared to come, and record things into microphones. We wrap it up with relationships, Thundercats FWB, and tongue vs dong. Go Deep.


1:00 Small world

2:00 The power of NO

3:00 Richard Pryor

4:00 Does she talk about her vagina

5:00 Dualing Piano think – Red Eye Cock Blocker

6:00 Very attractive woman

7:00 Can you bring me a bitch

8:00 Would she come in to do the show

9:00 Insecurities of the attractive

10:00 Answering questions having fun

11:00 Why did I go on the show – Who’s important

12:00 Red Eye show history – Show 2

13:00 Confident people

14:00 Get back on track – open door policy

15:00 People need entertainment

16:00 Being as genuine as possible

17:00 Comfortable with your guy friend – Dick tease

18:00 Massage but no happy ending

19:00 The perfect relationship for her only

20:00 You’re getting crazy blue balls man

21:00 Remember the Valley Girl movie? – Last American virgin

22:00 Frank Zappa   

23:00 Egg McMuffin nooner

24:00 The age difference

25:00 Men kicking the bucket

26:00 Not a romance relationship

27:00 Is there just one person?

28:00 Tongue from Micropeen – dong from FWB

29:00 Final Words –  Get if off your chest

Go Deep.

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