Goin’ Deep Show 1670: Reheat your ghetto food

Kid, El Pres and Sawyer yap about gobstopper oral, head and what you do to get girls to do things to you, faking massage orgasms and Endo calls in with an agenda that she won’t tell us. Kid gets unselfish about the show and we tell everyone about The Fallen. Go Deep.


1:00 Gobstopper for the oral

2:00 Spaghetti-fuckin-O’s

3:00 All because you want some head

4:00 Sawyer in the house

5:00 Crash at the studio

6:00 Kid, you told me that

7:00 Faking the massage orgasm

8:00 Massage orgasm from Endo

9:00 Leave balls and pubes and nads

10:00 You and two other bitches to blow

11:00 Throwing beer

12:00 Puppets and the call out – WTF is up

13:00 Sawyer and the Yeungling

14:00 In the mind of Sawyer

15:00 The Radio station done right

16:00 The unselfish Kid

17:00 Money is not what it’s about

18:00 Stress because of the dollar

19:00 Money and the Show

20:00 The heavy lifting after the recording

21:00 The LIVE Show

22:00 The emotional attachment to the show

23:00 Talking about titties – mixing it up

24:00 Trusting Sawyer

25:00 The Fallen

26:00 The GDS VIP Club

27:00 Zuckerburg hate

28:00 The Devil should make you think

29:00 Final Words –  The Truth

Go Deep.

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