Goin’ Deep Show 1671: Pete Rose forty year age gap

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1671

Kid, El Pres and Thundercat discuss how long its been since Thundercat watched porn, tiny little clits, micro peen, bullshit hallmark holidays, and how local ladies are totally blue ballin’ El Pres. Kid talk about Pete Rose and the new Fallen VIP site for the show. Listen In. Go Deep.


1:00 Oops we forgot to call

2:00 Saturday night Live – Thundercat

3:00 How long has it been?

4:00 Being a dad – El Pres grateful

5:00 Some chicks have little clits – huge pussy lips

6:00 What do you watch porn for?   

7:00 Micro-Peen guy come over

8:00 Turned on by 3 dudes or one

9:00 Do you remember what the last one was?

10:00 Watching for someone else

11:00 Tonight show reverse cowgirl

12:00 Being in the moment

13:00 El Pres sets the scene

14:00 V-Day and the expectations

15:00 Bullshit Hallmark Holidays

16:00 Thundercats last relationship

17:00 Calendar dates – El Pres  infatuation

18:00 Learn to agree that we’re similar

19:00 Knowing what you did can help

20:00 Why would you manipulate the situation

21:00 This girl is fucking with you El Pres

22:00 Try to do things the right way

23:00 This is how peace is maintained

24:00 As you get older it gets old. The right kinda crazy

25:00 Pete Rose – 1969 Rookie season

26:00 Almost seventy years old

27:00 Don’t lie about your age

28:00 The Fallen VIP site

29:00 Final Words –  Wrap it appreciation – Sawyer

Go Deep.

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