Goin’ Deep Show 1673: Getting serious about naughty shit

Kid and Kleen welcome Shoninzo to the show where we see if he’s ever worked up a boner for his nurses, talk about parachute pants, When blondes, Crazy Asians, British Accents, Pandemic shits and relationships. We wrap with huge asses and Mia Malkova. Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00 We should do a wash the screen

2:00 Everything is porn-related – naughty shit

3:00 37 years of porn and no Asians dudes

4:00 Parachute pants

5:00 The fucking buckle asshole

6:00 Wuhon blonde American chick

7:00 Pretend to measure everything – free bra fitting

8:00 Huge, blonde, tall, heels. We have to be angry about it

9:00 This is awful.

10:00 Crazy Asian eyes

11:00 oh goddamn that’s what a dick looks like

12:00 Satisfying the stupid fucks

13:00 Sho-Ninzo makes his appearance

14:00 The Sho-Ninzo stroke

15:00 The British accent

16:00 New listeners

17:00 Making people stay the fuck away

18:00 Exploring the Fallen

19:00 Hanging out with Endo

20:00 The Pandemic shit and a relationship

21:00 Shoninzo’s situation

22:00 Giggle with a boner

23:00 Ninety-five to 100 are hot

24:00 Normal ways to connect with people

25:00 Trashbag full of Kleen’s shit

26:00 Mia Malkova – huge ass bitch

27:00 Asian – Mika Tan

28:00 Talking like a Mexican

29:00 Final Words –  Tell them to Kleen it if its dirty

Go Deep.

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