Goin’ Deep Show 1674: Normalizing the modern man

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1674

The Kid is on fire right off the bat on this one. Calls out some cunts, plays some happy songs, then goes off the rails pissed off about Instagram taking down a pic for bullying. Apparently Instagram is our new daddy and mommy. We wonder when the adults of the world are going to make their own decisions. Kleen finds the whole video of his favorite porn and we ask ourselves if the United Nations should give two shits about normalizing the men of the world.  Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00 Nail in the pee hole

2:00 Everybody with a fucking podcast

3:00 Talking about things that i don’t feel

4:00 Dumb twats – agree to disagree

5:00 Having it all figured out  – The Cunt Song

6:00 The Cunt Song continues   

7:00 The Cunt Song continues

8:00 Stories so relevant   

9:00 Faggy visors

10:00 The Photo that got taken off Instagramma

11:00 Looking at naked bitches

12:00 I am a member of the community – I want respect

13:00 Try to type in Asian anything on Apple search

14:00 When can the adults adult

15:00 Everybody’s sensibilities brought to boring

16:00 The Fallen and the walled off garden

17:00 Sensitive Material now covering pics

18:00 Mine get to be just as important

19:00 This is lame sensitivity

20:00 Musicians and making art

21:00 Creating this podcast – memories

22:00 Pissing in Depend undergarments   

23:00 Man’s interests – Kleen’s gay friends

24:00 Meeting half way – Normalizing modern man

25:00 Kleen pissed off about control – Twitter Mockery

26:00 Kid thinks this is retarded

27:00 Guys crying – WTF?

28:00 You get a voice, I get a voice

29:00 Final Words –  Kleen speak

Go Deep.

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