Goin’ Deep Show 1675: Zooming in on the cameltoe

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1675

Beware of the inner workings of a woman. Don’t be tempted to let agenda creep in from that thing. Oversensitive clits, zooming on cameltoe and the countdown to legal ages are all in this episode along with Miley and Dua Lipa getting Raunchy, Kleen calls out bitches fucking with their hair. We tell everyone what the slut magnet is and we wrap with fat chicks in ads. WTF.  Go Deep.


1:00 The toothpick trick

2:00 Who gives a shit if you have back teeth

3:00 You made a decision to pay to hear it

4:00 Can I have your mouth – Pussy first

5:00 The over sensitive clit

6:00 Going willy nilly on the oversensitive clit – Brandi Love

7:00 Zooming right in on those vag lips

8:00 Holy shit i have a vagina

9:00 The age countdown

10:00 Sexy Australians

11:00 Legal Red Light District

12:00 Dua Lipa

13:00 Check out our fucking load

14:00 Searching for Miley

15:00 Crazy bitches cutting their hair

16:00 The master of not fucking with your hair

17:00 Some dude touching my hair

18:00 Lets watch Miley whip her titties out

19:00 Half chubbed

20:00 Zooming in on porn

21:00 Load all over that screen

22:00 Jerkmate ad

23:00 Skipping the ad with the fatty

24:00 Edging one to fatsos

25:00 Step everything

26:00 Local radio meat sales

27:00 Selling things for the show

28:00 Wrap it up – Farts – Red Eye Sex Robot

29:00 Final Words –  Hail Satan

Go Deep.

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