Goin’ Deep Show 1676: Asian photo eels squirting

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1676

We don’t tell people about this show. Period.  Because we don’t want to be lumped in with the fly-by-night rookie podcasters of the world. In this one, we discuss feeling the love, thick Puerto Rican’s, Kay Parker, and how we were covered in the newspaper over 14 years ago for this shit. We wrap with eyebrows and Endo skating. Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00 Pee Wee’s Play House

2:00 My youth going away

3:00 Showing me her titties

4:00 Establishing your preferences

5:00 Some people will never feel the love

6:00 Black lady love

7:00 Coffee sips nastiness – head to thegds.com

8:00 Check the march store

9:00 Puerto Rican thickness

10:00 Naked Jabba the Hut Fat Chick

11:00 Dumber than a box of rocks

12:00 Who directed this shit?

13:00 JMac and the first internet – Eels

14:00 The Hard Drive is still here

15:00 Asian Photographer

16:00 The newspaper article

17:00 Dipshit with a phone thinks they’re podcasters

18:00 The show keeps on rolling

19:00 Kay Parker

20:00 The imagination of what’s wrong

21:00 Check out the LIVE stream at 8HOL.com

22:00 Endo body skating around

23:00 No way I’m skating for more than 45 minutes

24:00 You’re not that good looking

25:00 Smoking hot moms are old now

26:00 Struggles with genders – Tip cap to ladies holding on

27:00 Barnes and Noble eyebrows

28:00 So bad getting caught making fun of people

29:00 Final Words – Use more wipes

Go Deep.

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