Goin’ Deep Show 1677: The ugly granny midgets category

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1677

We figure out how to make your chick look even better than she does. Kid shows some porn categories that we didn’t even know about and Kid tells the story of wedging heads under a steering wheel. We play a clip of a chick ripping a big old fart and Kid sets up Mr. Kleen and asks the loaded question of if he’s had sex in a car. Kid wonders about ice fisherman and. Go Deep.


1:00 The Red Eye Sex Robot with 2 extra buttholes

2:00 Reading podcast articles

3:00 Kleen’s go to

4:00 Beastiality

5:00 The “U” Category

6:00 John C. Reilly in the face – bitches hit 

7:00 Women do too many comparisons

8:00 Kate Beckinsale and Adamn Sandler

9:00 Ugly granny, hairy and ho’s   

10:00 night and day with teeth

11:00 Punching back fart

12:00 Is she queefing or farting

13:00 What would we do without women

14:00 Kid hurting his head on steering wheel

15:00 The Fallen website

16:00 Stop with the baby shower gender reveal

17:00 You have to really hate your family to ice fish 

18:00 Golf is also bullshit

19:00 Tiny little chick – orgasm face

20:00 The burnout happens – Keep that pace

21:00 Women who blossom

22:00 Blow the wad every fucking day – galleries 

23:00 1.2 million dollars in the last 30 days

24:00 Being crazy and weird

25:00 Crazy girl parties

26:00 Kleen and the aggressive black chicks

27:00 Two women at Pat’s Bachelor party

28:00 Who was the horse faced bitch – Stormy

29:00 Final Words –  Spring Spring Spring

Go Deep.

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