Goin’ Deep Show 1690: Goliath telling me she’s a woman now?

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1690

Kleen got kicked off of Facebook for some stupid reason, We salute our new listener who’s in love with Raven Riley and we don’t trust anyone with facial hair. We do some plus sized shit, first on the list is to name one. Kid . Go Deep. 


1:00 Me Myself and Irene – Black Kids

2:00 Raven Riley’s biggest fan

3:00 Reach out studio@goindeepshow.com

4:00 No facial hair no trust

5:00 We are what all these newbies want

6:00 A raw lump of clay

7:00 Kleen wanted to eat her snatch

8:00 Posers vs lame shit

9:00 Come back with some shit asshole

10:00 Kleen brings the story of ancient symbols 

11:00 Goliath telling me I’m a woman

12:00 talking with a tranny about pussy  

13:00 the Ex and the Ex 

14:00 You can’t criticize anyone ya fag 

15:00 Completely fucked the entire society operation 

16:00 Its your dance motherfucker

17:00 Kleen gets kicked off of Facebook 

18:00 How often do you type out your thoughts 

19:00 I want a fuck you icon 

20:00 I’m fat, I’m fat, I’m fat  

21:00 Kleen remembers super models not fat so models 

22:00 You don’t deserve to be called a model  

23:00 The end of the day your still a fat bloated piece of shit 

24:00 The term model doesn’t model apply to you 

25:00 Lame piece of shit, watered down vanilla shit 

26:00 When we get older 

27:00 Dentists can tell if you’ve been blowing 

28:00 Peen or Vagin 

29:00 Final Words –  Dance Kleen Dance

Go Deep.

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