Goin’ Deep Show 1691: It’s time for edging

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1691

Kid and Kleen talk about asses hanging out, 1980s cliche’s in movies, breast feeding on some massive kitties, coffee shits, puking guys at wedding receptions and chomping on a vagina right to the edge. We wrap with some man on man action, Tiger Woods almost dead and Asian attacks . Go Deep. 


1:00 1980’s glasses thing – looking sharp

2:00 Teenagers and a big fat guy – lean and mean

3:00 Thrush on the tongue – WTF

4:00 He showed you the thrush

5:00 Vigorous chopper of vagina

6:00 Looking Stylish

7:00 Infatuation 

8:00 Gdub’s cousins ass

9:00 Coffee pushing your shit out

10:00 Remembering how shitty it is now 

11:00 Puke face

12:00 Reception, Dance and bail 

13:00 Glancing at the ass walking by 

14:00 Hilarious but didn’t warn her 

15:00 Crawling for the boobies – Oh yeah 

16:00 Tiger Woods car accident

17:00 Tiger details 

18:00 Classroom closet horny chick 

19:00 Rubbing her tits on your back 

20:00 Different with women – maturity 

21:00 Getting older instantly 

22:00 School forever  

23:00 Criticism from time to time 

24:00 Attacking the Asians 

25:00 Elderly shove to the ground 

26:00 Man on Man love 

27:00 Sumo Wrestlers 

28:00 These motherfuckers are happy 

29:00 Final Words –  Move to Japan

Go Deep.

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