Goin’ Deep Show 1693: Chicks with dicks

Goin' Deep show Episode 1693

Time for some Chicks with dicks. Kleen tries to pretend he’s never seen this shit but we know better.  We figure out the test of if you’re straight or gay, talk about anger, balls in the face and Salute Don Tang and his original thoughts on Chicks with Dicks . Go Deep. 


1:00 Where can people watch us

2:00 We made a good choice – Credit

3:00 Italian joint in Frankenmuth

4:00 Staying underground

5:00 Kleen’s gonna do Paralyzer’s package

6:00 Back in the oh’s – Apps

7:00 The Stereo App

8:00 The anger conversation

9:00 Chick with a dick anime

10:00 Making poops in my pants 

11:00 Jap creations so amazing

12:00 Kleen describes the thumbnail 

13:00 Lesbo trying to figure out what’s going on 

14:00 Gender confusion porn

15:00 Forgetting how many times you’ve seen a dick 

16:00 Just relax – WTF I’ve never seen this before

17:00 King Kong dong 

18:00 Associating with body parts 

19:00 Impressive – WTF have you ever seen anything like this 

20:00 Her dialog – Deep throat 

21:00 pulling deep onto the cock 

22:00 Kleen doesn’t want to see a dick  

23:00 Time to suck your own dick 

24:00 Go to fucking church you’re gonna need it 

25:00 Tongue jack the shit box –  

26:00 The 3D tech needs to be deep faked 

27:00 Stop the ranting 

28:00 Did you see the control there? 

29:00 Final Words – Milking through the table 

Go Deep.

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