Goin’ Deep Show 1694: Long John Silver lot lizard

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1694

Kleen said he slept with a 29 year old virgin.  Yeah right.  In Bay City? A virgin at 29? WTF. We talk about potato heads, apps that report everthing, catching glimpses of skin on road trips, High school cherry popping and confusing kids with voices and avatars. We do some lot lizard talk at Long Johns and Kleen tells everyone to shove a potato up their ass. Go Deep. 


1:00 Switching it up – Classic Kleen

2:00 Join the Fallen – Its not for everyone

3:00 Blowing dogs fingering cats buttholes

4:00 The Stereo app

5:00 Virtual world creating your look

6:00 I gotta be this and that way

7:00 Daughter sampling the alcohol

8:00 South Park cartoons

9:00 Female looking character

10:00 Kid’s getting confused  

11:00 Everyday life crap, tranny

12:00 Stereo vs Clubhouse 

13:00 Be boring as fuck – New words 

14:00 Actually using Actually 

15:00 How a black guy pronounces kee-go’s 

16:00 Taking a dump

17:00 Long John Silvers drive-thru 

18:00 Lot lizard – Low mileage coochie

19:00 High school cherry pop 

20:00 We don’t use proper terms here 

21:00 Virgin body 

22:00 Kleen cuts because he’s taking a virgin  

23:00 Footjob on the futon – low mileage cooch 

24:00 Semi trucks looking at their phones 

25:00 Catching a glimpse of skin 

26:00 Report – Report – Report 

27:00 The potato head family 

28:00 No more Mr. or Mrs.  

29:00 Final Words –  Potatohead shove up the ass

Go Deep.

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