Goin’ Deep Show 1695: Those look like Double F’s

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1695

Kid and Kleen recap a missed opportunity for Kid to have some bang time in a bathroom with Endo, eating in Ann Arbor, Fingerblasing on the Z-bridge and cancelling more pop culture icons. We throw in a few boner related topics, batting cages and women’s history month. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 How we greet one another

2:00 Batting cages in the cold area

3:00 Regretting a missed opportunity

4:00 Opportunity to bang in the bathroom

5:00 Bathroom door lock

6:00 Banging at the mall

7:00 Half cocked all day

8:00 Women with all the control 

9:00 Fingerblast on Z Bridge

10:00 Man’s history month 

11:00 Women’s history! Yeah!  

12:00 Tom Hanks – good dudes 

13:00 Listeners from UAM 

14:00 Kleen tit size contest 

15:00 Cancel more people 

16:00 Mr. Potato head back

17:00 Ugly fucking face 

18:00 Lisp response 

19:00 Final Words Gag on my cock.com  

Go Deep.

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