Goin’ Deep Show 1701: Fans of commercial boobs

Kid and Kleen ask what the hell does Shaq say no to? We discuss breasts, feeding from them, dong size, Tiger Woods near death accident, The rise and Fall of Victoria Secret and Chubby Chasing. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Kleen’s staying up too late

2:00 Tiger trying to kill himself

3:00 Shaq does everything

4:00 What does he say no to?

5:00 Dong size? 

6:00 Public breast feeding

7:00 Seeing a boob in a commercial

8:00 Pumping device

9:00 Are you a fan of boobies

10:00 Rise and Fall of Victoria Secrets 

11:00 Hot chicks in lingerie 

12:00 Jerkmate commercial 

13:00 Chubby Chasers 

14:00 Decision makers 

15:00 Groping

16:00 The White Cosby

17:00 Paychecks are more important 

18:00 The details of the grope 

19:00 Final Words –  Recap

Go Deep.

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