Goin’ Deep Show 1702: What if she’s batshit crazy?

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1702

Kid is pissed about something and asks everyone to simply answer a goddamn question the first time he asks.  We talk about Britney, Aging, being married to a guy, JLo and Mexican asses, David Letterman and double standards. We wonder how going back in time has been made possible through the internet and we damn the pussifiction of everything . Go Deep. 


1:00 Don’t bring chaos before my podcast

2:00 Aging way faster 

3:00 Sending a message out to the world

4:00 Ya creepy old fags – Girardo Clip

5:00 Being married to a guy

6:00 What I bring to the table – beer – fun

7:00 Stop wasting my time

8:00 I fucking felt like it

9:00 Mexican JLo Ass – Kardashian ass

10:00 Letterman vs Jennifer’s hair and more 

11:00 Britney’s details that Kleen knows 

12:00 Double standard that we forget  

13:00 Daytime vs Nightime tv language 

14:00 You know what you’re gonna get 

15:00 The struggle bus list 

16:00 Have the balls to ask real questions

17:00 Going back in time with the internet 

18:00 Estrogenized 

19:00 Final Words – Load spit 

Go Deep.

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