Goin’ Deep Show 1703: Did you have to lift the folds

Goin' Deep Show Episode 170

Kleen got sucked off by a stripper, Shoninzo breaks his nose from some fatso riding it too goddamn hard. Not much more to say on that one.  Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Reach us? No Fuck you.

2:00 That’s what she said – Stripper suck off

3:00 The whole ass in the face

4:00 I will full on shit in his face

5:00 The Shoninzo spokesperson

6:00 Chaos, full on threesomes?

7:00 Did they agree to the terms of service?

8:00 Orgasms on his face

9:00 Shoninzo tells the tale

10:00 I walked in on an orgy  

11:00 This big chick was looking at me 

12:00 450lbs – She’s bigger than me – The Folds 

13:00 Bullriding Shoninzo’s face 

14:00 Did this bitch just period on my face 

15:00 Does she apologize to you for fucking up your face 

16:00 Rub your dick raw

17:00 Skin pullback during the stream 

18:00 You didn’t think to participate 

19:00 Final Words – Thanks to Shoninzo 

Go Deep.

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