Goin’ Deep Show 1704: Double Dong Dude

Mr. Kleen and Kid bring you an informative morning of Goin’ Deep with stories that include a man with 2 pee pees, potential threesomes, too many details on Kleen’s group action, squirting and ass to mouth.  Its a most disgusting treat for those trying to enjoy their breakfast bagels. We welcome new comer Bubble-Licious and we ask if Viagra is a good idea or a bad idea. So much more in this Tax Day release of the one and only Goin’ Deep Show. Go Deep. 


1:00 Jerk one down 

2:00 Kleen is a pimp in his off time

3:00 Lets show the guy with 3 dicks

4:00 The potential

5:00 The sweet spot

6:00 Kleen and the fun

7:00 The details of Eckler and Kleen way

8:00 Bubble-licious manager

9:00 Boredom

10:00 Two cocks guy 

11:00 Bisexual guy with two cocks 

12:00 Displaying it for the first time 

13:00 Feeling what your partner feels 

14:00 The first time squirt 

15:00 Doing research – Two Vaginas 

16:00 Plowing her ass then sucking the ass dick 

17:00 Dried up va-jay jay 

18:00 Viagra did not impress 

19:00 Final Words –  

Go Deep.

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