Goin’ Deep Show 1723: The wet shower fart

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1723

Kid and Kleen go full fartsy wartsy in this one.  Endo blasts in the kids face after a shower, Kid blasts back at her with lotion butt and ball jiggles, We lose a dog and we preview and upcoming call with tech support. Go Deep. 


1:00 Body problems

2:00 Kleen and his ass grabbing

3:00 Bringing a girl home from a date

4:00 She’s got a wet one ready to rock

5:00 She blew me a kiss with her ass

6:00 Capturing your women farting on you

7:00 15 minutes later and fart explosions

8:00 I want you to lotion me 

9:00 Pre meditated fart with lotion

10:00 Butt ass naked lotion fart 

11:00 My balls jiggled to popping sounds 

12:00 Age shit – Covid crap 

13:00 Tech support call coming up 

14:00 Lets have another one 

15:00 Longhaired neighbor 

16:00 Heated phone call

17:00 What’s important to record 

18:00 Live special episode streaming Raven Riley 

19:00 Final Words – Cooch Butt double barrel 

Go Deep.

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