Goin’ Deep Show 1722: Comforter Twat Clean

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1722

Kid and Kleen discuss women cleaning out their twats, being all zen and shit, male feminists, getting payed, where to grow a new pussy and fat bitches and lumpy asses. Its a goodie. Go Deep. 


1:00 studio@goindeepshow.com – Hottie

2:00 I smell sex and Kleen’s asshole

3:00 Cleaning out her twat with it

4:00 Getting all Zen and meaning full

5:00 Astrology bullshit

6:00 Zaldor wanting to see Chris Evans dick

7:00 The male feminist is getting some pussy

8:00 How are they gathering this info

9:00 I almost believe this is true

10:00 If I make it to 50 I’m happy 

11:00 Good guys don’t finish first – Assholes win 

12:00 Growing a pussy on my own leg 

13:00 Lick it before you stick it 

14:00 I made it to second base everyone 

15:00 Zen mood – WTF moment at Best Buy 

16:00 Husband sees us laughing

17:00 Women think they look great 

18:00 Colored face 

19:00 Final Words – Fatsos and Feminists 

Go Deep.

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