Goin’ Deep Show 1729: Three dicks? The antichrist is born

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1729

Kid and Kleen bring up headlines of a child being born in Iraq with three cocks.  We discuss Madonna’s daughter and her hairy Pitts, pubes and wrap it with a Would you throw it in her. Go Deep. 


1:00 Everyone should be looking forward to us

2:00 Lets let Kleen do some reading

3:00 Three dicks no chick

4:00 The nonsense of having three dicks

5:00 What bout 2 dick guy? Questions 

6:00 Seriously? Iraq – God’s fucking joke

7:00 Chopping this mofo’s dicks off

8:00 Cruel joke being born in the middle east

9:00 Reborn with three cocks

10:00 All different micropenises 

11:00 Wow look at that thing 

12:00 Madonna’s daughter and hairy pits 

13:00 JMac full shave 

14:00 Goatee pubes 

15:00 Turn it off bitch 

16:00 Madonna Hospital

17:00 Kleen you’d throw it in that 

18:00 She’s the same age as mommy 

19:00 Final Words – AWWW! Midget bang 

Go Deep.

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