Goin’ Deep Show 1728: The plundering of the vagina

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1728

Kleen is banging mid-day at a park on second base. Claims to have banged 642 times in a year. We play a song the gets ruined and make fun of Ditty for trying to talk GM and their shitty logo to give him money. Go Deep. 


1:00 Actually over and over

2:00 No matter how faithful you are

3:00 I’m on the fence – Strip club vs Massage Parlor

4:00 Make it fair

5:00 There I ruined it – Gag on Kleen’s cock.com

6:00 There I ruined it – Johnny B. Good electronic edition

7:00 Fucking Advertising

8:00 Johnny B Good (Fucking awful)

9:00 Kleen Dance Time – Ditty or P Ditty

10:00 Gotta have a cause – My legacy 

11:00 Black owned media – GM catching heat 

12:00 The second semester of gradient designs 

13:00 How many times you have sex per week? 

14:00 The plundering of the vagina 

15:00 Bye Bye – nice knowing you 

16:00 Lets do math

17:00 Kleen almost had the perfect woman 

18:00 Banging on second base 

19:00 Final Words –  Missionary mid-day

Go Deep.

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