Goin’ Deep Show 1727: A weight limit to give birth

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1727

Turn the knobs people. Turn the knobs.  Kid expresses things he hated about shitty old movies, holding people accountable, we play a supermodel and her house tour, super pregnant fatsos and other shit that men have dealt with regarding a woman’s vagina. Go Deep. 


1:00 The podcast is plugging’ along 

2:00 You can’t say this and that and this

3:00 There’s not a knob on this.. how do I do it

4:00 When did this dollar amount become the goal

5:00 Holding people accountable

6:00 They’re coming after you fatso – you’re fucked

7:00 Kid Hated LaBamba

8:00 Paulina P. saying tard

9:00 You can’t use the R word no matter how hot you are

10:00 All of the topics… all of the things 

11:00 Pregnancy Fatso – Mother and Sister 

12:00 Stop with the Child bearing – mo more kids  

13:00 Don’t get child blood on my lease 

14:00 Stupid pickup line 

15:00 Measuring the tiny little dick 

16:00 I’m bringing my PS4 to the birth

17:00 Fingers in the vagina 

18:00 Husband and the anus suggestion 

19:00 Final Words –  The stinky tuna up her twat

Go Deep.

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