Goin’ Deep Show 1726: BJ’s are the answer

Kid and Kleen play some polka music, give you a hottie of the week and make fun of Kardashians and their huge fucking asses.  Kleen makes up words, talks about a drinking dog and the Kid is not wanting any nakedness online. Go Deep. 


1:00 Listening to informative content

2:00 Real takes on social media

3:00 PHOTW: Melinda London Skarky

4:00 Bavarian Fat Waitresses 

5:00 Musical things – Things we don’t do

6:00 Playing some ruined music

7:00 Bavarian Walk The Way

8:00 Bavarian aftermath fatsos

9:00 Little Kardashians vs Huge Kardashians

10:00 Stop fucking with face 

11:00 Kleen you’d bang this?  

12:00 Can’t fat shame these days 

13:00 Kleen making up words 

14:00 Seeing some naked shit 

15:00 The whole planet seeing me naked 

16:00 This is only half the virgins

17:00 Drunk fucking a dog – its bookmarked 

18:00 She was the dirtiest whore there 

19:00 Final Words –  40 blowjobs

Go Deep.

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