Goin’ Deep Show 1725: Scissor porn review

Goin' Deep Show 1725

Kid and Kleen do a porn review, give you a helicopter sex position to try and play a special song about not giving a fuck. We wrap with sad stories. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Keep the fucking asshole away from me

2:00 Helicopter sex position

3:00 Whammo!

4:00 Is there a couch involved

5:00 Kleen would flatten his partner

6:00 Feet and toe sucking

7:00 They must have spit right in the butthole

8:00 My attitude towards life in general

9:00 Song time: No more fucks to give

10:00 Song Continued 

11:00 Failing Spoo 

12:00 I gotta keep listening 

13:00 Spa fakery porn edition

14:00 Porn clip – Scissors 

15:00 Lesbos – Spring porn lesbos 

16:00 Sadness

17:00 Walk away from the situation 

18:00 Dead husband escort 

19:00 Final Words – WTF are we talking about 

Go Deep.

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