Goin’ Deep Show 1733: Women’s Battle with the Man

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1733

Kid and Kleen sing, do a hottie of the week, talk about kung fu, tangents and social media trying to shut people up.  Oh and females and their crusade. Go Deep. 


1:00 Stick your bald head in her vagina

2:00 Snap back hats for hair

3:00 A million different looks

4:00 Charlie Brown bald head

5:00 Time for Paralyzer’s hottie of the week

6:00 PHOTW: KiKi Passo

7:00 Natty Nice’s

8:00 Women’s battle with the man

9:00 How much effort do you expect

10:00 Guys vs Women  

11:00 Zero problems with the Ex’s 

12:00 Less tiny chinese women to bang 

13:00 I want to kung fu do my own stunts 

14:00 Learning to love Kleen tangents 

15:00 Kleen needs a laser pointer to focus 

16:00 Social networks  and their new hoops

17:00 Ticking Time bomb to Miagi Do Karate 

18:00 Not having censorship – Stop being a pussy 

19:00 Final Words – Everyone should have a voice 

Go Deep.

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