Goin’ Deep Show 1734: You need a Doctor

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1734

Learn to turn the knobs bitches, Kid and Kleen discuss massive farts, Burt and Ernie, smelly beer after farts, improving your ass with fitness and granny’s dropping F bombs. Go Crazy ya dum bucks. Go Deep. 


1:00 Lots of Flint Tits

2:00 No more knobs – how to I turn off

3:00 Burt and Ernie gay couple

4:00 Insta Clip – Fart

5:00 Fuck the audio bed

6:00 That shit is disgusting – Go to the Dr.

7:00 Spray back in the face

8:00 I catch a whiff – Its me

9:00 Take pictures of your social ass

10:00 Improve yourself in weeks 

11:00 I built this ass 

12:00 Fitness coach during glockdown

13:00 Bellbottom’s were popular at one point  

14:00 So many F bombs 

15:00 That’s not funny you stupid fuck 

16:00 Showing everyone what’s going on

17:00 Crazy drunk duo 

18:00 Obvious drunk but who cares 

19:00 Final Words – Wrap-up – Suns out buns out

Go Deep.

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